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June 17th, 2016

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World’s Most Expensive Home $ 12.2 Billion [Confirmed Fake]

Frozen Designs :

The $ 12.2 billion home is confirmed to be a fake. A number of sources everywhere they said Including web design blogs and business blogs are picking up syndicated feeds and reporting a false story to be true. Though we published the story as well there were a few points That were worrying us.

First there was the location. The scenic view displayed a water body around which was nowhere to be seen on the map provided. This displays a haven with natural scenery such as mountains, Tumbi-plants and shade trees. The structure of houses is built higher than usual. This is clearly a unique and exciting when formed into a place to rest and relax you. You also can directly enjoy the fresh air directly from nature.

The second we’ll tell you about “luxury rooms within luxury home with” It showed the project status as ‘In Planning’ site whereas Stuart Hughes said its already been completed and took five years. Fabulous! In real it spent of $ 12.2 Billion dollars That was a really huge amount to shell out even for the World’s Richest Man Whose total assets would amount to only $ 74B.

In this point, weather you wonder and want to know what are the elements of luxurious details of the living room and actually its made from over 200.000 kilograms of solid gold and platinum Specially designed fixtures and fittings flooring, right throughout are made from meteoric stone with Dinosaur bone shavings of original from the 65 million year old. Very surprising news when you know all the tiles are made of pure gold fragments. Incredible!

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