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July 3rd, 2016

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Wood Tones and White’s Popularity In The Public

Frozen Designs :

Wood Tones and White’s Popularity In The Public – The Planning apartment decoration, produced by interiors visualizer Dmitry Kobtsev, has a perfect reputation of earthy wood notes also white décor. We can see a wall art that displayed the only splashes of color in this space, which pick out the colorful book spines decorate large wooden bookshelves.

The darkness ‘event’ over the surface of the dining table is taken out by a fabric-covered sofa in the adjacent lounge area, a set of three nesting tables, and a suitable area rug.

At the front we can enjoy with a crisp snowy white backdrop continues into the run of kitchen cabinets, but a warm rush of walnut wood grain runs through, creating texture and heat. The contrasting stripe makes the proportions of the cooking space appear elongated and elegant, drawing the eye lightly along the run rather than letting it rest on what could have appeared as much heavier bulk of storage.

The kitchen hardware tribute the horizontal pattern, with long nickel bar handles following the flow.

The other example, the Appliances has a silver color that punctuate the kitchen area at each end, whilst a central kitchen island appears barely there in matching facing to the flanking slab front doors.

The incredible beech wood floor runs across the light apartment, toning perfecting with the lightest hue in the kitchen, and running seamlessly into the dining chairs that sit around a contrasting black tabletop.

So, decide of your mind to choose a best choice from it and  successfully!!

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