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June 23rd, 2016

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Viscous Element Modern Zoning in Ukrainian Apartment

Frozen Designs :

Viscous Element Modern Zoning in Ukrainian Apartment – Created by Alexander Chervinskyi for Architects and Pahomova Azovskiy, unique design and viscous Element Zoning Modern apartment house split into two parts namely the quiet zone and full zone activities. 300 square meter apartments have the slick is nice in all the corners. Starting from the seats and interior walls of the continental arrangement made treats the beautiful scenery in this apartment.

Design of bedroom decorations are marvelous soothing, with predominantly white walls and sleek storage. Feature walls are picked out in delicate shades of duck egg as well as sugarplum, or are decorated with large nature stimulate prints and decals. The kitchen holds a breakfast dining spaces with in its monochrome scheme, where a textured wall ads attention to the fresh white backdrop. More import of interest adorn the family bathroom in the form of subtle colorful tile designs That are almost digital in appearance, adding to the neoteric style.

The beauty of the kitchen is clean and white as well make this apartment feel more warm and pleasing to the eye. Flow together in a combination of modern interior is thick with elements of modern zoning. Immediately enjoy the beauty of Ukrainian Apartment Modern Zoning.

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