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May 20th, 2016

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Upside Down House Wisconsin Dells

Frozen Designs :

Upside Down House Wisconsin Dells – Unique home located in Wisconsin Dells is filled with tourist attractions that can says not to. One of these confines is Upside Down House White by Top Secret, Inc. Basically, the White House is a building that seems to have landed upside down.

In addition to the building was curious, there are tons more to see inside. In contrast to other Upside Down White House in the country, this ones interior is almost a replica of the real thing, so in the reverse as well.

Various rooms in it are also mostly the same room as the White House? However, they have this thesis that the president is all the robots, and that one room in the building actually produce the president.

No one is allowed to tour the main without a guide, so that visitors can be sure to learn a lot about the Upside Down White House.

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