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May 17th, 2016

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Unique Office Space FINE Design Group By Boora Architects

Frozen Designs :

Unique Office Space FINE Design Group By Boora Architects – We want to share about Beautiful Google Campus Dublin that we were floored by the amazing designs. FINE Design Group office isn’t match Google’s European headquarters in size, but it certainly has a lot of style and panache. Office designed by Boora Architects is so cool. A unique office in Portland, Oregon is a a balanced mix of modern office and home interior casual. Ergonomic kitchen, beautiful lounge and preferred seating feature the colorful work station is located in the airy and spacious setting.

Exposed steel, concrete and glass make the interior lit. Living room is used to house an open table, which allows for interactivity between employees. Workstation although only one of many places where ideas can be shared. The surface of the wall written every corner of the office to change the official storyboards to develop the next big idea! While many if the office is wrapped neutral tones, invigorating yellow accents and decor brings freshness and elegance.

A beautiful bookshelf, conversation area stylish and dense kitchen with awesome lighting combine to give a classy and informal attraction to the office. There is even a beautiful pool table that plays the perfect host as employees wind down after a hard day’s work. Take a leaf out of the office a lot of stunning and almost comical coming universal, the Portland office and corporate casual fused with effortless ease.

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