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May 12th, 2016

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Unique Apartment In Poland Charms With Cool Industrial Overtones

Frozen Designs :

Unique Apartment In Poland Charms With Cool Industrial Overtones – A beautiful and unique apartment located in Mokotowskie Pole Park neighborhood in Warsaw, Poland. These apartments are decorated by Soma Architekci showing hip industrial of charm. Most Poland apartment we tripped tend to adopt clean Scandinavian approach to decor with the background light and neutral colors. The apartment is even running in the opposite direction because it includes a darker color scheme and more opaque. While the walls are still mostly white, warm tones of wood, polished metal surface decoration and rich colors combine to lend a replicated appeal.

Sports open space living, ergonomic kitchen, two modern bathrooms, comfortable bedrooms and home offices improvisation, apartment stands out thanks to the rough oak floors and exposed brick wall that runs around the interior. Track lighting, pendant chandelier Steampunk-style borders and exposed metal surfaces giving the industry attractiveness. An eclectic blend bold colors and large open bookcase adds to its bold design.

A modern charm still intact with a workmanlike utilizing bumpy wood surfaces in the kitchen and dining room. Stay away from crisp and contemporary approach is more conventional, home is a refreshing take on the typical combine aesthetics with ergonomics flow.

Not compromising on comfort, the apartment using only decorations made from natural materials. Blue sofa room and purple bed stands as an exclamation point in the Poland interesting.

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