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April 23rd, 2016

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Tips to Decorate Family Room Windows

Frozen Designs :

Window frame serves to control the air circulation and lighting in a family room with functions that are not purely just as circulation and lighting. Window sills can beautify the home and pretty your living room and window sills plus a model that can be aligned to design the family room. With disparate models of the window frame can make us a desirable residential, window frames to be aligned with the state of the family room with a length / height  adjust with the door. For living room window sills are usually longer than the window sill, window sill height according to experts for the living room of 150 cm s / d and 180 cm width 50 cm s / d 70 cm.

Window frame and the bare frame model with two shutters as well as for air circulation in pairs loster  3 pieces with a size 25 cm x 25 cm model is very good for semi-modern and minimalist home. With a long and wide windows to illuminate the family living room that requires a fairly light, but if the room requires more air circulation over the lack of suitable models. With a spacious and requires a lot of air circulation should use a frame with jalousie models, as shown below If the room is bigger and better to use this model and added another sash or added in the middle of glass off the ledge.

But with the maturation of current models tend to window sills with a minimalist model and ankle in the pairs of horizontal parallel to the window mount to another.  Kinds of window frames. Window frame is divided into 2 parts ankle window frames and window sills trailer, trailer window frames in accordance with a hole for another window, such as two-hole trailer window, window sills etc. The window sills on its disposition in the two, the first window frame to the window frame and a second living room to bedroom window sills. Window frame to the family room is longer than the window sill. Created your family room window. Good luck to try!!!

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