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June 17th, 2016

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The Red Dragon Luxurious Yacht

Frozen Designs :

The Red Dragon Luxurious Yacht – The Red Dragon a 52 meter sailing yacht with ultra luxurious and contemporary interiors is the most beautiful experiences of all time up this yacht. Built by Alloy Yachts and designed by Wilmotte and Associates, the yacht is as epic as it is beautiful Sturdy, with the ability of fast passages and long periods of autonomy.

This is a wonderful vacation when you want to spend your long holiday period. Luxurious Yacht with Red Dragon, You’ll know and be amazed how much load the ship in humans and show the beauty inside and out. With a concept like the atmosphere inside a dinner and a lounge equipped with comfortable sofa and a soft pillow.

In addition there is Light fixtures installed under furniture to add more light and space to the room. They also made some furniture pieces Appear to be floating.

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