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May 18th, 2016

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The Luxury Of Caribbean Villa

Frozen Designs :

The Luxury Of Caribbean Villa – There are moments in life when you have to count the cost. When you have to consider the benefits to the weaknesses and vice versa. Such as the summer Olympics and the glory of this to us we find ourselves refuge in air-conditioned homes, legs kicking back on a lazy boy like we run our fingers through our hair in boredom and frustration.

Advantage of this situation: Stay cool and sweat free. But imagine yourself on the beach, enjoying the beach sporting fellow mongers as they ride the wave of the 3D visualization of the real rather than the room glued to your TV screen.

Sure you will get hot, the nose and the shoulder can get sunburned and could take weeks to remove the sand from your car and clothes, but there will be no finger fun combing hair.
Do you know what they call this? It’s called life.

Turquoise and any shade of this color should have a main role in the formation of your room. This cheerful color with sidekicks of green also coral or tangerine would bought the wonder of the clean waters of St. Lucia alive. Start from the ground up and comprise turquoise in your rug, the pillows, throws décor and at least one hanging component from your ceiling. This will probably lend the feeling of being entirely captured under the sweet and salty exotic fish infested waters.

Even when it seems like water is still, if it looks it’s lying inactive there’s so much animation that cannot be grasped by our eyes alone. This moving can be brought in our new area in a verbatim way via an interior hammock create of unsecured woven natural rope. You can also get your design an component of mystery by it requiring translation. Hand blown glass components are the best way to bring in the sand of the Oceanside as well as the moving through an abstract shape.

After a heavy winter we all see the disadvantage of a White Christmas on our cars’ paint. The white of the salt leftover from road command bought an annoying aftertaste from the season. When the salt of the beach isn’t just bought enviable waves to our hair but it creates a rustic wear and tear that can be likened to a worn in pair of jeans or boots. It can take months or years for us to feel comfortable in your new clothes that we perfect by wearing them in.

The beach, the waves, the sand, none of it’s new. It’s part of the earth and so the elements of our home should be as well. Shop at flea markets, accumulate shells from the sand, be attractive in your approach the texture of your room and the pros and cons list will outweigh for the greater good.

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