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June 20th, 2016

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The Casual Loft Style Living

Frozen Designs :

The Casual Loft Style Living – Casual situation is the most desirable lifestyles in recent years. Particularly in the field of interior design. Perhaps, at first glance, the casual synonymous with messy, but did you know that casual style is the most relaxed style interior and the setting does not need to take a long time, it is also not too complicated to do. In fact, the results can be considered a work of art that deserves to be modern and your inspiration in designing your beloved home. The architects created a amazing pictures of young trendy loft space, full of the type of relaxed ‘thrown-in’ style That just works.

The mezzanine bedroom mini using Lofty ceiling height, the which is employed as a small study area. The partition of service area from the bedroom area produces a more relaxing sleep area once the busy day is done. The living room and kitchen also needs to be a casual atmosphere modern fan looming over a kitchen island, and the familiar black and yellow sign That strips are usually seen on building sites. The furniture in these areas does however have a pulpies about it that offsets the coldness of exposed brick walls and the angular join of utilitarian aspects.

Bathroom also can be inspired you with casual technique make-That can be surprised, with over dark tiling walls and floor, brighten only by the punctuation of white sanitary ware. The stark contrast results in an very crisp and tailored look as well as the extra of a vanity shelf clad in the same tile large Appear makes everything seamless, as though they fixtures have emerged organically from the walls Themselves. And hard effort is needed to created dream be real.

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