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June 16th, 2016

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SZB House by Medveczky & Gothard : The Fancy Architectural Creation

Frozen Designs :

SZB House by Medveczky & Gothárd is decorated in warm natural tones, woods and creamy floor that all work together in perfective concord to make and awesome building. A beautiful chair area is also supplied here for roost on whilst lacing up those shoes, or for callers to wait on. The building dominant with the gray and brown color, that’s make warmer feeling. The kitchen looks so luxurious dinning area. The kitchen also adds some wooden light tones to make homey atmosphere.

Gorgeous SZB House by Medveczky & Gothárd also add white cream sofa to take a rest. The wide glass window also makes the light bouncing around the room. Wooden furniture make the house looks more natural, and add the warm atmosphere. The ceiling paint white and mix with cream accent. Stairs with black floor make the room looks cleaner. A shower area is design in effete bronze tiles that addition the ruddy hue of the floorboards. The general look is lightened by the clean clarity of modern white sanitary ware.

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