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June 30th, 2016

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Stunning Interior Color Combinations for Kitchens

Frozen Designs :

Interior Color Combinations for Kitchens – The kitchen has a definition as a place to cook. In a residence, according to the division of the kitchen area can be included in the service area. Become very important in the lives of residents who are not directly in this kitchen is a place to process raw materials into food ready for consumption and is a basic requirement of every human being.

This time we are posting the form of interior design for residential kitchen set small type. The design is simple and clean, refer on the size of small houses and interiors are also part of another room that is also simple.

Bottom shelf materials using plywood. For the tabletop, we utilize the existing concrete with ceramic coating on top. Upper shelves above uses a plywood sheet with a finishing layer of taco. There are fewer parts rack up using chrome or metal as a backing material. This relates to the display kitchen set as an accent.

Choice of paint color can give a different impression to the room including the kitchen. So please make your selections from some of the following colors. Coloring a kitchen with only one color will make it look boring. Moreover, kitchen appliances usually have colors that are less attractive, such as the color of iron. Combinations of these colors will create wealth in your kitchen dimensions.

Space that connects the kitchen with the dining room should have an aura of warmth and fun for the whole family. The aura can be imported through the choice of yellow or golden color. Pair it with a touch of classic color like ivory. Want to look and modern minimalism kitchen, choose metallic colors like silver. Pair these colors with white, or soothing colors like navy blue.

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