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Stacked House Sports Stylish Interiors Creative And Flowing

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Stacked House Sports Stylish Interiors Creative And Flowing – When it comes to utilizing the available space to the hilt, some seem as committed as the Japanese. Designed and grab to life by Tetsuo Kondo, this unique and innovative home located in Chayagasaka Japan. Essentially the idea is to create a spacious home which is in essence, still a single room. Designed to meet the needs of young families with several children, the house seems like a lot of running room. Each room opens to another like a soft wall inside kept to a bare minimum.

The house does look like three giant metal boxes that has been stacked together in a unique geometric shape. However, the design is much more than just the obvious. By using a single neutral white background and keeping to a minimum the visual partition architects have created a house that appears much bigger that it really is.

Indoor courtyard allows people to enjoy the outdoors in fresh even sliding glass doors bring natural ventilation is sufficient. A remarkable staircase running through the house and stood as a statue additional chic. The upper level is designed as a series of terraces that allow adults to supervise small children no matter where they are. Despite its space-conscious features, the house in Chayagasaka never felt cramped. Aesthetic and functional, it is really loved a little overwhelming set in the urban landscape.

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