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June 29th, 2016

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Space Saving Ideas for Small Kids Bedrooms

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Space Saving Ideas for Small Kids Bedrooms – The best step to decorating children’s bedroom are that the room should have enough space to allow your kids to move around, and the room should grow with your children. It is important to make your children’s room as functional as possible. It will be no use if your kids bedroom has very limited floor space that will be covered in clothes and toys if they play. Hence, investing on functional furniture like the kids loft bed will provide you the right solutions for the aforementioned issues.Kids loft bed is a cost efficient and highly functional piece. If you have two children sharing the same room, buying a loft bed is a good option.

It takes the same space that a single bed usually occupies, but as an added bonus you get two bunks instead of one. Such bed type is designed to help make the children’s bedroom space more useful for various activities such as playing and studying. If you intend to buy a kids loft bed, it is best to consider the safety needs of your children. One of the most important things to consider when buying a loft bed is the spacing between the bunk’s guard rail and mattress.

Make sure that the mattresses are thick and wide enough to cover the gaps so as to keep your children from being caught between such spaces when they are asleep or playing. Just like the loft bed, a trundle bunk is a good solution for your children’s room space issues. Although it appears as if it is a single bed, a trundle actually has two bunks; one of which is smaller than the other. The smaller bed is always pulled underneath the major bed so as to accommodate two kids. Trundle bed allows two separate bunks to be available when necessary. In some trundle finishes, the lower bed can be elevated on the same level as the main bed to create a large bed. This bed does not have any box springs, which allows it to store the lower bed beneath the main bed.

If your children have separate rooms already, you can simply remove the mattress of the lower bed of the trundle and use it as a storage area. By the time that your children are growing up, you can simply change their trundle or loft bed to a storage bed. Let’s face it, when kids grow up they accumulate more stuff which often leaves the room full of clutter. A storage bunk is the perfect options for parents whose growing children do not have sufficient room to place their new clothes or toys.

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