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July 4th, 2016

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Some Ideas Saving Space at Home

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Some Ideas Saving Space at Home – If your home  feel like it’s caving in, it’s time to make some changes. The home should feel like a welcoming, safe space. If it is becoming incredibly cramped from the clutter, there are ways to improve the situation. Learning tips for saving space can improve the quality of life for those who need more space around the house.

The 1st step  for saving space is to start spring cleaning. Many people are under the false impression that spring cleaning should only happen in the spring. This is not true. Spring cleaning can happen whenever one has the time and the desire to clean. So make a sweep of the house and look for items that are no longer being used and get rid of them. Start a yard sale or donate them. By unloading unnecessary items from the house, much room can be saved.

Maybe sometimes homeowners have items that are only used once a year. These items might do well in a separate storage unit other than the house. This provides a safe place to store these items that is out of the way and inexpensive. Searching for storage units for rent is a good solution to freeing up more space that is taken by items that are used infrequently.

The other inexpensive option for storing items while using less space is to invest in vacuum bags. Vacuum bags are perfect for clothing, blankets, pillows, winter coats and other materials that are puffy. Simply put them in vacuum bags and suck the air out. This can cut down on three times the amount of space that would have otherwise been taken up.

The other great idea is to make good use of the ‘dead space’ around the house. ‘Dead space’ is the space that is not being used at all because of its location. This is usually on the walls or in the corners. By buying or making shelves, this allows items to get stacked above the floor in an orderly fashion using space that would not have been used for anything else. It’s ideal and offers easy access to items that might otherwise just be in piles or boxes.

Furnitures is another area that people can cut down on. Instead of buying smaller furniture, simply invest in furniture that has the option to go smaller. Expandable tables that can get smaller by taking out some pieces is ideal as it can accommodate large crowds when necessary but at all other times be more fitting for a small space. This is also applicable to beds. Having pull out couches or beds that can switch from single to double beds can really save some space around the house. Indeed, there are several ways to save space in the home.

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