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June 30th, 2016

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Smart Ideas Small Bedrooms

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Smart Ideas Small Bedrooms – A small room is one of the main constraints that can affect the comfort of a room, here we provide some tips that we look spacious bedrooms and comfortable. Here are recommendation to make your small bedroom be more wide and comfort!!!
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Use a mirror

Mirror has a very good effect to give the impression of vast space. A large mirror to reflect light throughout the room. Excluding the presence of a mirror also reflects the natural light or artificial light to make the space look more bright, day or night. Be even more effective if a mirror is placed near a window. Put the furniture in the corner. Construct the furniture in the corner, so visibility is becoming more widespread. Make the room your bedroom and take more extensive look more tidy.

Adjust the size of the room furnishings

Use furniture with minimalist design, it would be better if the furniture is designed specifically selected according to the amount or a multifunctional space. Principal, the movement of the body in performing the activity is not disrupted by the presence of this furniture. Good luck with this new design.

Use bright colors

Paint the walls a bright color will reflect light better, so that the resulting effect of maximum illumination. There are several colors of paint that can be used in addition to white, the green or beige, or you can also use a home color trends 2012.OK. Good luck. Hopefully after claiming tips on decorating a bedroom, the room look more spacious and comfortable than ever.

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