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April 13th, 2016

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Small Family Room Furniture Arrangement

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Small Family Room Furniture Arrangement – The term mezzanine or mezzanine is quite popular. It is can be used to complete Small family room furniture arrangement. If you visit a hotel, of course, you often find what is called the mezzanine level or mezzanine floor. However, the mezzanine was also very applicable in ordinary homes. A growing number of homes that apply mezzanine in the design concept. Mezzanine does have its own uniqueness.

This is because it is indeed as a separate floor. But on the other hand leaving open space that is connected to the room around it. This connection is usually in the form of stairs. Thus the mezzanine floor is one unit with another and are on the same roof. One thing that distinguishes the mezzanine floor is the usual height of the responsibility. For example, if the ground floor there is at an altitude of 0 meters, then the mezzanine can be located at a height of 1.5 to 2 meters from the floor. So, we feel responsible if you stand under it. Not surprisingly, the space under the mezzanine is often used as a warehouse or a small toilet.
At first mezzanine are found on uneven ground contours.

It can get around the mezzanine considering such land contours. But that does not mean mezzanine could not be applied to the soil with a flat contour. For example by making a mezzanine between the ground floor with an attic floor or use.
Mezzanine can be used as a sitting room, lounge, family room or den. Can also be used as a child’s bedroom or play room or blend with the room so that parents can supervise their children.
Home ownership now more widely on small or modest houses.

Mezzanine could be an alternative solution for adding space in a limited area. If placed correctly, mezzanine will not give the impression of a narrow, in fact it is unique. If you are interested in building a mezzanine, better start from the beginning the house was built. But it is also possible mezzanine was added to the finished building.

As an example, a family needs a new family room. The only room that most could be ‘sacrificed’ father is a working space. The choices can make the work space with the father as the family room. But then, where the workspace? While there is no land available to expand the building. If the house is going to be dilated to the side or rear, not possible due to a neighbor’s house. It can be raised to dismantle the roof. However, if we dismantle the roof to build a new floor will take a long time and costs more.

Most recent utilization, we can take advantage of room under the roof or attic, it might be regarded as a mezzanine would be,” explained one of expert. Only risk is placed under the mezzanine attic is hot. In the tropics, the attic is useful to withstand the heat of the sun. Even so, it can be anticipated to give a lot of openings. What kind of mezzanine construction in the attic? If a high floor to ceiling was three feet, can be reduced to 2.7 meters. Then it is mounted at a height of wood and plywood as the floor boards or new. At the top added a new window.

For the material, expert admitted that many homes that use wood as the main material mezzanine. It’s actually more on aesthetic considerations and give a warm impression. Especially to those who do not design from scratch mezzanine, mezzanine wood more easily made than to hoard with cement from scratch.

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