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May 19th, 2016

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Small Apartment In Sao Paulo Makeover Into A Savvy Bachelor Pad

Frozen Designs :

Small Apartment In Sao Paulo Makeover Into A Savvy Bachelor Pad – Space is undoubtedly an absolute premium in Big cities. Big cities such as Tokyo, New York and Sao Paulo is famous for their small urban space that demands creativity and a bold design scheme. One special little apartment from Sao Paulo, designed by Alan Chu. The apartment is only 380 meters, the apartment using a brilliant design and vertical space for the fashion savvy bachelors. Of course, the fact that the owner of the house is much more lazy than us when it comes to helping set up and clean up the clutter-free look.

Alan Chu uses the easy proposition of visual continuity pinewood. This principle has been used completely a lot in the entire compact space. This forms a unite aspect of interior and helped bring the charm of warm wood and certain rural. The surface is not too shiny and they soften to match the style of the apartment. A shiny red retro watch a refrigerator in the kitchen is the anomaly and your attention when you are there.

An entertainment unit is made of wood sports various sized boxes that help tuck away that is not important. Beautiful spiral staircase leads to the upper room which has been created to double as a bedroom. While the floor plans reveal a compact bathroom in one corner, does not seem to be one for tightness.

A simple kitchen with stainless steel counter top, plush sofa that doubles as an extra bed and the background is kept simple in white. With decorations kept to a minimum, it is all about function beaten with a touch of shape.

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