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April 12th, 2016

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Singapore Flat Multifunctional Makeover

Frozen Designs :

Singapore Flat Multifunctional Makeover – Interior Singapore ‘before and after change’ was sent to us by chief designer Stanley Tham, of KNQ Associates, who says that The owner of this 550 sq ft one-bedroom HDB apartment placed in the heart of town is a successful lady who had stayed here since childhood. Lately staying together with her mother, she finish find the right time to give her home a rejuvenation.

Every furniture was designed to ensure more than one advantages was served; a tall storage unit conceals a tangle of electric cables as well as forming a quirky light source over an adjoining shoe bench, which doubles as occasional guest seating.

The living room as well as home a mirrored wall that creates the room appear much bigger than its actual modest proportions, and bounces light around the flat.

An aqua blue with yellow color play was formulated to stop the apartment from approaching too feminine, and bring a cool freshness to the once dowdy setting. Nice ornament and unusual fabrics were layered in to add life and fun to the space.

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