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June 29th, 2016

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Romantic Bedroom Ideas for Anniversary

Frozen Designs :

Romantic Bedroom Ideas for Anniversary – To realize the romantic bedroom ideas for your anniversary to you now no longer need to be difficult. Price is no longer the benchmark in the work and realize your romantic bedroom in your home. Prove that at a relatively affordable cost you can also design your home like heaven with the concept of luxury, glamor, romantic and the impression was not cheap. To set up the room properly, you just need to make sure that it is clean and clutter free. Once the room has been tidied up, you can focus on the actual design.

Here we present a variety of tips for decorating romantic bedroom in your favorite room.

The best ColorsĀ  to be used.

Colors should be warm. Red, orange, yellow and pink are good choices. Light purple shades work well too. If you want the room to be gender neutral, add some white or beige. The neutral colors will also make it easy to add other colors.

If you prefer the homely feel, choose cocoa and light brown colors. Another advantage of using these colors is they work well with different fabrics and trimmings. Pastel colors like green, blue and lemon yellow will also look great.

Cream can also be used with other colors. Gray isn’t something you often see in romantic bedrooms. If you want to use it, do so with some accent colors. Make sure the colors of the chairs and other furniture match that of the bedroom.

The Fabrics
Lace is the most popular choice, but any other lush fabric will do. Go for fabrics that provide comfort and luxury. Excellent choices would be brushed cottons, satin, silk jacquard, supple linens and other soft materials.

Peach, blue and pink, white or yellow fabrics are recommended for wall curtains and the canopy. The window curtains should be dark (dark blue, mauve or dark green). This will block out the light if needed.

Lighting Techniques

Ordinary lighting isn’t always appropriate with romantic bedroom decors. Experiment with various lights bulbs until you find the shade you and your partner are comfortable with. Add a dimmer so you can modify the light intensity easily.

Take Back the Memories
Nothing keeps the fire burning quite like the times you shared in the past. Frame pictures of the two of you on the walls. On the shelves, place items you gave one another when you were still courting. These can include anniversary cards, shadow boxes.

Music harmony
Lovely and scented candles will add to the romance. Have a music player in the room so you can play back those love songs that you dedicated to each other during those days when you were dating each other.

By implementing these romantic bedroom decor ideas, you and your partner will be able to enjoy the ambience.

All it takes to get a romantic bedroom is a bit of planning.

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