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June 25th, 2016

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Really Exciting Regal Interiors

Frozen Designs :

Really Exciting Regal Interiors – Really Exciting Regal Interiors is one of the most beautiful picture of art that ever existed on earth. This is a blend of art, architecture, combined with human art. Designed by Alexander Uglyanitsa, he deliberately presents a human picture of classical art in the midst of modern civilization it is today. Classical furniture is wrapped with a fine feel of classic art as added value of building a high-powered selling.

A combination of art with the architecture of human art to make each room look as if they had escaped from the vast mansion in the country. Each  layout is decorated in patterned relief, from the window near as well as swirling fireplace in the living room, to the wall meeting panels and cupboard in the bedroom. Everything is deliberately designed to be presented to the visitors a unique and eye-hook to pamper customers.

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