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June 21st, 2016

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Overlooking The River Seine in Paris (Gorgeous Home Guide)

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Overlooking The River Seine in Paris – To put in a Parisian home miss the River Seine like designer Gerard Faivre. We can do it but just dream, and, we can but take the best ideas from his home to adapt in ours! Take the tour now .

Gerard Faivre Always on the look out for new forecast and ramblin wrecks to transform, Gérard is one of Those men born with a natural visionary talent.

‘I Knew instinctively the property was too good to miss when I first saw it,’ he says. ‘It was built in the 1900s and designed by Haussman, the Celebrated architect to Napoleon 3rd.

They built 1900s when homes on a grand scale, with high ceilings, fine marble fireplaces, French doors and high panelling main onto balconies with wide bay windows. This apartment hasn’t been stripped of any of its original features. By getting the help of an architect friend, Luciano Abbaterusso, plans were drawn up to take out the wall quarter what is now the sitting room and dining room.

The others essential opening with sliding doors was to connect the dining area and the kitchen, the which features a dazzling floor-to-ceiling wine rack with a mirrored back and electric blue lighting. His choice was confirmed when he buy an notional painting by a Brazilian artist Caetano Kinkas, the which now sits to the right of the fireplace.

The living room wall facing the window wall was painted in a vivid blue Mediterranean, so light from the window That reflects and augments a soft blue hue echoed in chair covers and the alcove to the left of the fireplace.

Yellow is fit color as my accent color, Because It is Such a good partner with the blue, “says Gérard. It’s a classic join instigated in nature It self. In most rooms, I have added one or two block elements, rugs, small tables and large mirror frames. Black is chic and a bit more focus. It adds strength and gravitas.

Gérard explains how he place the bedrooms to face the quiet tree lined road, and how fortunate he felt when They Discovered an original marble fireplace in one of them. ‘I like the combination of historical artefacts mixed with contemporary shapes, and I have a soft spot for quirky objects, the which Lighten and Provide a humorous touch,’ he says, ‘like the bubble mirror in the bathroom and a very Zany rug in the hall.

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