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July 3rd, 2016

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Modern Residence in Brazil Defined by Architecture

Frozen Designs :

We acccept aqurate information of a project developed by Flavio Castro and located in Guarujá, Sao Paulo, Brazil.Here is the official project description: “No frontiers between the connected environments grouped by function are the major feature of the Pernambuco house.

Architect try to draw 4 virtual axes perpendicular to the road to organize the distribution of internal and external surroundings. Two of them concur to the right and left side face and the other two are in the middle creating a large space for access that crosses the entire project. A central zone divide the house into two other spaces. On the left is the garage and services.

The kitchen located in the  social area so the visitors can participate in the preparation of meals. There is a helical metal stair in the back area allowing straight access to the terrace upstairs.

There are the rooms and the freestanding metal ladder  on the right side that leads to the upper floor. The same alignment command the distribution of external spaces such as the swimming pool and sauna that follow the axes perpendicular to the public street and form the pavilion at the backyard.

If you will going upstairs, the four suites follow the same logic of the first floor with a central hall of distribution. On the roof, the glass provides overhead lighting for the entire up floor and main floor.

This opening marks the central axis as an exception. While the transparency of glass lets in sunlight, two openings next to the roof eliminate the hot air that rises through its lower density (sustainability). Symmetry were the attributes that facilitated that can complete luxury that Architectures.

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