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June 26th, 2016

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Modern Open Kitchens Facilitated by Few Pops of Color

Frozen Designs :

Modern Open Kitchens Facilitated by Few Pops of Color – The modern open kitchen has become an important trend in 2012 was. This modern design dominated spaces are cozy in style as open and airy space. The position of modern open kitchen lets people get out and go through the next room and is located near the dining room or any corner. Therefore, the design is intentionally designed to bring the atmosphere of togetherness, closeness, and all-around more social and more interactive environment.

The simply an island kitchen is collected of white steel, but with touches of beautiful purples as well as blues in the decor and kitchen utensils. May be this is my popular design out of the bunch, cause i feel it melts the traditional, antique, rustic elements with the modern ones. The white cabinetry is reminiscent of a country farm, as is the dark wood flooring, yet the planks in the ceiling help to streamline the room along with the easy furniture offers the contemporary vibe.

This design combines a lot of colors. Here, the kitchen is a easy gray and white That trails off into a yellow and white living area. The cabinetry is interesting here, jumping from white to gray to blue. This funky kitchen jobs mainly white in its cabinetry, but offers unpredicted pops of mustard yellow as well as eggshell blue here also there. This beige and white kitchen is very open and connected to the rooms adjoining it. It only seems a to be part by the deep blue (a nice color choice) large cupboard spaces.

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