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June 28th, 2016

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Modern Kids Bedroom Furniture Set

Frozen Designs :

Choosing a Modern kids bedroom furniture set is very major thing. Sleep is one of the important things in the process of growing children. Therefore, the design takes the correct bed to support the growth of developing. From infancy, children should get used to having the bedroom and the bed itself. That would make it independent learning early on.

The first thing to consider when preparing a child’s bed is the comfort factor. At present, the more intense the bed with a variety of products of various design options. There is a bed with a funny cartoon intonation to form fruit, toy cars and carriage. Variety is indeed attractive eye design. But adjust the design of the bed with the character also habits of sleeping children.

Any child’s bed designs to choose from?

Fenced beds
Bed model was chosen by the parents. Fence around the bed is safe enough to protect the child during sleep. Especially if your baby has less quiet sleep habits. Fence in the form of existing grating which has a sliding door to go out, some do not. There also can be folded down crate bedding.

Bunk beds (bunk bed)
Bed terraced form is very practical when you have two children. Each child occupies a bed and are responsible for their own personal area. Always the older brother on the top bunk while the sister below for security reasons. However, these beds can be occupied only one child. One other bed converted into a place to play or store toys.

Increasing trend today is a place to sleep only be placed at the top. While the bottom to put a desk or cabinet. But the design built into one unit. Design beds are very popular because it saves space and also more attractive to children.

The bed slide / slide
The bed model has two beds, but the bed was in the pit. Can be shifted in and out. The shape is shorter. Models such as the bed is more fitting for a room that is too broad because it saves space. When not in use, bedding stored neatly underneath. In addition, the form of a low bed to open the wall, making the room look more spacious.

The bed drawers
It looked like a bed slide, but the bottom has benefit for storage of goods. Able to store a collection of toys, books and magazines, or even sports equipment. Bed with this very practical storage space so that the bedroom is not crowded with goods scattered.

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