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July 3rd, 2016

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Lefay Resort And SPA Lago di Garda

Frozen Designs :

Situated in the idyllic Riviera dei Limoni, Italy, the Lefay Resort and SPA Lago di Garda is a superb getaway that allows its guests to live in peace with the surrounding natural environment for a couple of days.

Bathing in a landscape teeming with olive trees, woods as well as vineyards, and sharing superb views over a surround lake, there’s absolutely nothing else one could possibly want. This five star location is perfect for families also couples, ordering an whole array of room types and adjacent services.

The powerful points of the resort is the fact that it focuses on both the wellness of the guests and nature itself, using green, alternative renewable energies, to avoid any sort of disturbance to the environment. You’re most welcome to enjoy a few days here.

Think like the leading lady in a James Bond film as you swim through into the open air to an awe-inspiring view of towering peaks. Bubbling Jacuzzis as well as multi-coloured underwater lighting create a real romantic vibe, mingling with the steam off the water’s top – a clever trick as the heat rises off the warm surface to hit the cool night air – creating a wonderfully romantic atmosphere. By day, swim to the rim of the pool along with rest your head in your hands as you watch boats sail across sun-drenched Lake Garda below.

Tight Sleep
The passage of the resort are a bit of a let down: swirly carpets, long passageways without much on the walls and soft Euro rock music piping out aren’t up to the high standards of the rest of this chic hotel. The rooms they lead to, however, hit the spot.

Each has a personal balcony miss the lake and hills where you can sit and watch the sun shift gently across the bright blue sky. Cream and wood are the furnishing options, including a large king-size bed, a lounge with white chairs and a slick bathroom with a cheeky window through to the bedroom.

Pamper time
Unless you want to end up looking like a raisin, you can’t spend all your time swimming at Lefay so, when you’re not floating around, try one of the fantastic treatments instead. This really is a spa destination in its own right, with the longest menu I’ve ever seen, from dietary intolerance and stress check-ups, through to unique Ayurvedic massages.

In the name of research I tried several treatments, the best of which was the Lefay Gocce di Lago massage using olive oil and essence of lemon and lavender. The 50-minute massage was pure bliss and left my limbs super soft.

If you can’t decide on a particular treatment, book a package, such as the Oriental Dream for Two, which includes a 90-minute face, head and body massage with your nearest and dearest. Another must-do is a private 30-minute session in the low-lit saltwater grotto in the World of Water and Fire (sounds a bit Armageddon, but it’s actually a series of interconnecting steam rooms, saunas and Moroccan-style chill-out areas).

Diner Time
If the phrase ‘spa resort’ puts you on celery-stick-alert, fear not. Italians aren’t prepared to give up good food for a spa experience. Consequently the two restaurants, rustic La Vigna and the more romantic La Grande Limonaia serve up delicious dishes using local, organic ingredients where possible, like Lake Garda-caught perch and sirloin of deer with rosemary potatoes and roasted pumpkin.

The delicious desserts are rather sinful – like magnets, you’ll find yourselves drawn to the sweet buffet laden with tarts, crème brulée and cakes with pistachio ice-cream and orange Grand Marnier sauce – but there are low calorie courses marked on the menu if you don’t want to pile on the pounds post-wedding.

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