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June 18th, 2016

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Interior Renderings By Design Code

Frozen Designs :

Design Code, a comparatively young architecture as well as interior decoration firm based in Amman, they’re inspiration renderings for beautiful entrance hallways, living areas, bedrooms also dining areas. Everybody there talk each other to improve this mission.

Destination to make the best out of the wealth available to them and to enliven architecture in Jordan as well as other parts of the world.

Geometric design prints decorate the walls and ceiling of this modern living area rendering. All of the lines in this simple bedroom run parallel to each other and form rectangles. The chandelier in this living area seems to be floating from a light-beam this adds drama and flair to an otherwise simple living room.

I really appreciate a screenprints of men on horseback set against the gold-embellished walls, as well as the funky chandeliers once again.There are more shapes in this modern living room we see circles, rectangles, squares all in a nuetral palette of brown and beige, with pops of refreshing red or cool blue.

Now we exchange to entrance hallway .It evokes Jordan culture with stone stairwells, persian rugs, ornate columns and doorways, and an array of exotic plants. The glass domed ceiling beautifully allows pools of light to brighten the space and make it appear as if one may be outdoors.

This modern bedroom includes two, separate work spaces for each person. There are touches of old and new in this bedroom. This hall is all white marble, white ornate furniture and touches of pink and old paintings. We wish it can move your spirit to render your interior be more excitement.

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