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June 21st, 2016

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How to Work the Colour Blue in Your Home

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How to Work the Colour Blue in Your Home – Blue is the color of the bright reflection of the sky and have a high degree in the world of architecture. Blue is also denoted as the magnificence of the work. Therefore, the architects often use a combination of blue color in the interior design of a house. The blue color will also be impressed not monotonous as well as a variety of blue, no artificial blue, light blue or turquoise and blues classics. Everything can be combined into the house interior color combination is beautiful. In real ancient Chinese ceramics, to Greek hilltops as well as crisp French linen, blue and white is a classic color combination That you can not go too far wrong with. Just keep your whites clean and your blues crisp.

With its alliance with enjoyed holidays in the sun, blue is a restful color, so it’s perfect for bedrooms and guest rooms. It can be a fine way to introduce a seaside theme without going crazy. It’s a cool color so avoid using it in North facing rooms, or cooler climates – it works best with the sunshine.

Excess of blue than the other (Factor myth our ancestors)

1. Blue is said to suppressed appetite, so not a good choice for the kitchen, unless you’re on a diet!
2. The color of the sea and the sky, blue is a calming color Considered.
3. Blue is for boys, but that has not always been the case: “The Generally Accepted rule is pink for the boys, and blue for the girls. The reason is that? Pink, being a more Decided and Stronger color, is more Suitable for the boy, while blue, the which is more delicate and Dainty, is prettier for the girl. “(Ladies’ Home Journal article, June 1918.)

Blue is also the most popular choice of color for home interiors.

If you considered your home interior blue as your color, You will be calm and can reach arbitrarily dream house that you wanted before, in this backgammon wallpaper from Mini Moderns chalkhill blue is for you; This Mandarin Flowers fabric from Sanderson is simply stylish. Below Go for a retro bathroom with blue tiles from Iznik these Ann Sacks, still made in the small Turkish town of Iznik Light up your life with the Fin Light by Tom Dixon from the Lollipop Shoppe You will not feel blue for long with something this lovely.

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