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April 23rd, 2016

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How to Building a Green House

Frozen Designs :

For individuals who build their own home and seemed to have no opinion become standard formula that no other building green house urban homes, the homes were minimal but healthy partition. The garden is not merely decorative, but to keep the ecological system plus habitat. In this case, the lungs become parks for residents.

Not intemperate if the concept of green homes or green housing is the answer to the present situation in the midst of a crowded and chaotic territory. With answers like that, the concept of green design will give the effect that in turn could create green behavior in the community. The public will think better to live in the neighborhood of the green and energy systematic.

The designers in designing strategies to reduce the cost of setting up energy, and the bid that is what the client or development. Keep in mind the high costs allocated to electricity. Not to mention the material to be environmentally affable, water saving as well as building  a geen house design can reduce the use of lights as well as air conditioning. Obviously it is a challenge for the architects, are able to design buildings that consume low power. In China, an architect can get a building permit when applying green plan standards.

In contrast, green plan standardization issues in Indonesia is still defined by the professionals in his field, not least the developers are more inclined to a business orientation. Just for the record in cool the standards of green design, it isn’t one building has a high point when emphasize the selection of substance. Material which can add to the burden of otherwise avoidable energy. A concrete example of Italian granite or carpet can increase energy consumption because the room temperature should be maintained. Keep in mind 48% of energy depletion in the building. Transport the remaining 27% and 25% industrial. Another note to note, that the building a green house operating costs 50% of them to power, in this case the use of AC, the rest for lighting alongwith so on. So if you can save on electricity dissipation means saving operational costs. This means that benefits the larger developers.


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