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July 1st, 2016

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How To Arrange Bedroom Furniture In A Small Space

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How To Arrange Bedroom Furniture In A Small Space – The bed is main point from a room. You can buy the fitted sized bed for the room. This, of course, is not always an option. If you get a bigger bed, look at the space underneath the bed. Buy a bed with built-in storage. If the small bedroom is a guest bedroom, try a fold-up couch or a futon.

In a child’s bedroom, bunk beds or trundle beds are perfect to take care of kids during sleepovers. Placing your bed is the next step. Traditionally, beds are put in the center of the room. This can pose a problem if you have a very large bed in a very small room. One way to create more space is to shove the bed against one of the bedroom walls. This will give your bedroom a more open feel. However, it can also make getting in and out of bed in the middle of the night challenging.

Another option is to place your bed facing out of a corner. While this might seem odd, it is really pretty practical for a small bedroom. You can build a table to fit in the triangle between the bad and the corners of the walls. Use your triangle table instead of side tables or nightstands.

In addition to saving space, your bedroom will have a more unique appearance.Dressers tend to be large. Your best bet is to get rid of the dresser and build storage for all of your clothes into your closet. If you can’t part with your dresser, put the dresser in the closet if you can.

Nightstands add more size to a small bedroom. You may free up the floor space by changing it with a shelf of the same height. But if you have to have a nightstand, choose one that has a more open design which will help create the vision of space.

Or you do not need a dresser in your bedroom at all. Outfit the closet with a storage system of drawers, shelves and rods that optimize storage. If that can not work due to shortage of floor space, choose a closet that reach all the way to ceiling. This frees up more space in your room.

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