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April 12th, 2016

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Home Plans And Designs With Photos

Frozen Designs :

Tips Installing Picture / photos minimalist design. Decorate the walls with paintings or photographs of the family is a very reasonable thing done by many people. However, not everyone is good to decorate the interior walls of homes with photos or paintings, so many of us at random, just plug it. This will make the interior look of the house to be messy, inconvenient in view of the presence of the paintings are mounted.

To get interesting results from the ornate paintings / pictures on the walls of the house interior, please listen to some tips you can decorate the walls with paintings or photo below, so that you do not incorrectly installed.

Measuring Field Wall

Before you hang on the wall, measure the first wall areas would you decorate with paintings. Mark this area with chalk on the floor. Then, arrange your pictures in that area. Try again and again until you find the most beautiful arrangement and you can smile with satisfaction. After that, then your paintings hanging on the wall.

Hanging at the proper height

Common mistakes that often occur, framed paintings or photographs hung too high so that the neck should be raised in full to see it. Of course, it is not convenient to see something in that way, right? Visually, the appearance of the wall did not become more beautiful.

Do not leave without a friend

Painting or photograph that displayed alone on a blank wall, without any relation to other objects, often looked miserable and lonely. Of course, for large paintings, can be performed alone and be a focal point. But if you do not have a big enough picture, put up your painting together ‘friends’. Place a large painting measuring at the ‘center’, and accompanied by paintings of other smaller, symmetrically arranged.

Notice the theme

Instead, the painting that you display has a theme. Suppose, you have the pictures with the same size and color. Then, note, is there a theme that is strong enough that recorded from the images. If present, such as on plants, then take Arrange on the wall in a separate group. That way, when you see it, the images seemed to tell a story.

Avoid repetition of style

It’s OK to put the picture right on top of a furniture. But, it would be boring if you always put a picture with a formula like this. Find another style! One thing you need to remember, the length of the wall paintings should be displayed in the third of the length of the existing furniture underneath. This formula also applies to the composition of a group of accessories – such as photo frames, table lamp, and vases – are laid out on the counter.

How about tips on …? OK .. Do not let the interior walls of your house was quiet with no decoration. If you have a few paintings or photographs, why not place it?

But remember, do not put it home. One set, it will make a mess of your home interior. Let no one pair, please use some of the tips above. May be it can be useful!!!

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