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June 12th, 2016

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Hand Dryers for Bathrooms

Frozen Designs :

Hand Dryers for Bathrooms – Hand washer and hand dryer is a tool that serves as a washer and dryer hands. At that time, the tool is still using the concept of the manual in its use, ie, hand washing is unmoving using tap water, and drying hands with a washcloth. Where the advantages of this tool compared to existing tools that hand washers and dryers can work more efficiently and quickly is due to the use of automated systems. The purpose of this learning was to create a tool washer as well as dryer ATmega8535 microcontroller-based automatic hand, hoping to replace the role of hand washing and drying are still manual. In this case wash hands using tap water that is still played by a human hand and the hand dryers in the form of cloth. Application of automatic hand washer and dryer is simple to make it easy for people who in this case is a restaurant, and a bathroom on the building or mall.

When finished using the toilet, drying hands is needed. Efficient hand dryers will become more important than hand washing. Our hand dryers are designed to work easily, conveniently and hygienically. For a busy restroom, hand dryer is the most practical option and economical solutions this tool is active for 24 hours to meet your needs. Users can enjoy the toilet with a solution of warm air hand dryer of Initial Hygiene.

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