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June 20th, 2016

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Five Efficacious Tips for Buying Original Art

Frozen Designs :

If you are an art fan, you definitely never want to be fooled with an imitation instead of buying art, don’t you. If you are an observer of art, this may not be a serious problem, but if you are a layman and you want to buy art stuff but you also can not compare which one is genuine and which one is imitation, we present the following
“Efficacious Five tips for buying original art ” to help you to be careful buyer.

A. Do research / Do not be afraid of buying art

Do your research properly, if necessary, ask your friends who have had experience in the arts. Give them a chance to see your art items and compare which are fake or genuine. This will help  you not to deceived in choosing a work of art. Let you surf the internet to see the artwork of renowned artist Such as has created a collection of original pieces on a daily basis so you will know the works of art that has published to the public. After you have memorized their artwork, you will be able to tell which are fake and which ones  is genuine.

 2.  Manage a budget
Set a budget is the second step. If you feel that you want to have everything about art. Saving your spending and do not waste your money and do not do it haphazardly.
You do not want to regret it every time you look at that artwork on the wall.

 3. Make sure that original or limited-edition works are signed with a certificate of authenticity

Generally ,a painting is usually a one-off whilst a screen print, etching and silkscreen will normally be produced in a limited edition. Purchase a limited edition adds value to your buy also the first 1-5 of an edition are usually more expensive than the rest and as the edition sells out the whole series becomes more valuable.

4. Buy something you like, do not obey your mind wasteful

Convince yourself not to buying something you do not feel sure about. Art is personal, so if your initial instinct is love then this is the piece for you. If you really do not warm to a piece of work but it’s the coolest and most collectable artists of the moment do not be swayed, you will be living with this artwork for years to come so buy what you love and what inspires you to collect.

5.  See around and Check out the degree shows and art fairs

Check out the standard shows and art fairs will help you get a feel for the kind of things available and perhaps will act as an inspiration for something new and radical and the bonus of meeting the artist is always a great opportunity to ask questions.

So, be a smart buyer in choosing art !!

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