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June 4th, 2016

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Energy Pod: The Alienish Chair in the Google Offices

Frozen Designs :

We are not often arrive up with only single product articles at our website but every once in a time something trendy pops up that merely makes us to go out from the laws a bit. The alien looking pods here are called the Energy Pod which was designed by Metronaps. Google gives these pods to their workers to carry power sleeps is one example of merchandise. As far as the shape went, we don’t imagine that these pods could be sexier than this one reckoning the role, it leans the users to the optimal sleeping position while playing ambient music’s which assist the sleepers impulsion into light sleep.

Metronap states that the Metronap Energy Pod support consisting of an arrangement of straps science as well as NASA technology to give a refreshing sleep for the occupants.

On their website, Metronap states, “Occupants are reclined into the optimal napping position to promote blood circulation and reduce pressure on the lower back and ambient sounds help nappers drift into light sleep.” When it’s the moment to get up, the Energy Pod distributes a light a shaky motion.

At around $ 8000, the Energy Pod price would be around double the price as expensive as the massage chairs which are streaming around in the local segment. And for sure, costly, aliens’ chairs aren’t the merely stuff which are peculiar in the Google’s offices.

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