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June 29th, 2016

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Design Kitchen Set Minimalis Modern

Frozen Designs :

Stylish modern minimalist kitchen design has many functions to save space, it is most affected by the current most homes are small and medium. So that the storage will be very meaningful to put a variety of cooking equipment in a modern kitchen that was more complete than the traditional kitchen. Because it takes a lot of storage, modern kitchen design has more cabinets are arranged either horizontally or vertically, these are the modern kitchen cabinets so that the modern kitchen can maximize limited space.

Usually the kitchen equipment properties such as apartments or small houses would have limited the availability of the room design small kitchen that has room. Though our activities in the kitchen anyway, which is like preparing food, cooking and washing. It required a kitchen design concept that maximizes the small space and has a modern shape to make it look spacious and luxurious.

There are a few tips to design a small kitchen set is modern:
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1. Survey kitchen equipment such as ovens, built-in stove, refrigerator and microwave, kitchen cabinets kitchen to find out how the appropriate configuration.
2. Choose a commercial kitchen equipment and kitchen equipment that has the shape and size. For example, the size of a refrigerator that has a depth of about 60 cm, opt build in stove and oven compared to free standing oven, or choose to have the ability to bake a microwave instead of oven. Including commercial kitchen equipment and kitchen equipment. Select an appropriate set of furnitures and appropriate.
3. Place the microwave in a cabinet hanging kitchen to save space, but note that the height of the microwave is not difficult to achieve.
4. Choose a commercial kitchen and commercial equipment that has elements of metal to make it look modern, well it could be a pascommercial kitchen design and commercial kitchen equipment must fit well.
5. Lighting installation is not around the kitchen, but only in certain places, so that the lighting elements becomes stronger.

Happy to work in your home, we hope by our recommendation , you will better understand how to organize your home kitchen set.

Good luck!!!

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