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June 30th, 2016

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Design Ideas for Small Loft Spaces

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Design Ideas for Small Loft Spaces – Many ways to apply the attic. Can be designed as a loft or storage space. However, both functions require special attention in its application. The attic is the top level of a building. Normally use to refer to the attic just on the top. But level loft that will be discussed this time is found in the attic of a house, a space under the roof.

Usually, the attic can be found in the house that designs a triangular roof. According to its function, the attic can be divided into two, namely as a useful attic and attic space for storage. Attic space that serves as the initial pattern usually of planning to build a house, the occupants are deliberately provide it. However, it is possible to make no attic, because the owner needs house that increasing so the need for additional space. Instead, pay attention to its construction.

Architect stated, there are some things to consider in order to function optimally attic. The first is the proportion of men. Generally, the height of human beings, particularly those of Indonesia, reaching 170-180 meters. Height of a loft, is usually limited. Therefore, points to consider in addition to relating to human proportions, namely the function. According to Deny, notice the structure. If, its structure using the horses, of course, can not be used as attic space. The solution, create a loft as a storage area or warehouse.

To make the attic space, which need to be residents of note is the role of air circulation and light. Therefore, the location of the loft is at the very top, of the space to absorb more heat than a room that is located in the basement. Therefore, important to have cross ventilation. Alternatively, call Denny, blocking the sun’s radiant heat from entering into the chamber. How, can use a fiber that is useful to absorb heat. For windows, according to Denny, in fact there should be, just smart-smart in applying the architect into the loft. Typically, depending on the proportion of space, can produce how many windows.

“Usually when I, 25% of the area of the wall should be no windows,” said Denny. Note also the field conditions. The architect said, the space usually consists of four sides of the section. Front side, rear, left, and right space. For example, a 5×5 meter loft, on the left and right neighboring buildings blocked, as was the back side of the shade tree blocked. While the front side facing the street toward him. Like it or not, who should be chosen to apply the window is the front side. For setting brightness, Ari said, if you want to use natural light during the day, then you have to do is apply a larger window.

This relates to the depths of space. Generally the darkest side of the room sometimes. Therefore, if the window is considered less than the maximum, you can apply another option, namely the application of skylights in the room. Skylight works to add light to the space is not too dark. The trick, use a fiber glass or glass tile and place it in the deepest or darkest part of space. Note also the dimensions of its skylight. Therefore, the dimensions of skylights that are only used for a different function space is used for two functions skylight that space. “If the attic is only used for one room, then make a skylight that is not too large.

Given the limited conditions of the attic. For example, 5×10 square meters of space, the skylight was made 0.2 x2 meters, at the deepest part of space, “says architect  who work in this phone. Different when the attic is used for two functions of space. For example, the first bedroom and second bedroom.

Of course the depth of existing space in the second bedroom is different from the first. The first bedroom will receive much more light than the second bedroom. Therefore, the residents can apply a larger skylight. “Actually, to determine the large-small skylight dimensions depend on the needs of light on the money. If the light is obtained sufficient, then the dimension does not need a large skylight.

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