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April 12th, 2016

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Create Beautiful Green Gardening Tips

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Create Beautiful Green Gardening Tips – If you love gardening but you do not know anything about it? You mean being started hobby gardening. Hobby gardening is fun, especially now that the development of plants is very rapid, from the flowering to the only green leafy, from small to large, from the cheap prices of up to tens or even hundreds of millions of dollars.

There is always a first time for everything. So it is with gardening. As well as managing the home, there are some basic techniques in gardening you need to know as a beginner, before you develop it yourself.

1.Choice of plants

Like humans, plants have the characteristics of each, and you can not impose its will on him. If you push, usually “he” will “protest” for example, the flowering of a sudden are not flowering, which usually leaves a lot, suddenly leaves little, or at worst he would die. So before you buy plants, you should first check that you are the type of plant that crushes, whether it is appropriate to your garden area. The most practical is actually asking where the plant originated. The nursery for example in the end area, most likely the plant will require an area approximately the same condition in peak condition. So chances are he will not survive long in the city area of ??North Jakarta for example.

2. Figure out which plants will be planted

Differences in the amount of sunlight and wind are very influential on the plant. So even if you have decided that the conditions in your garden and plant origin were almost the same, but sometimes the house that one has a difference intensity of sunlight with the rest of the house. The point is this, a plant he needs a lot of sunlight. While on the left side of your house more exposed to sunlight, so place it on her left side. You should carefully observe things like this, so that your plants will be “comfortable” and continues to grow.

3. Diligent move

Sometimes the sun’s position changed according to season. It is also to keep in mind. Customize your plants with the position of the sun. Who do not like the sun move from a place that is too sun, Never tired to move. You should always monitor things like this.

4. Note the root

Root is the most important part of the plant. Make sure that the roots are strong, well grown in pots or planted in the ground. Roots are not necessarily better. A good root is the root of a solid, which does not contain too much water. He was the most moist, but not mean too much water. Avoid roots that are too dense, if necessary, move them to larger pots.

5. Extra care

Do not assume that the plant has finished her treatment if you have watered. Extra care will increase the fertility of crops. Fertilizer, pruning, restructuring, rejuvenation and others should continue to do. And remember, you have to do everything with love, because the plants can actually “feel” if you love him.

Happy gardening!

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