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June 19th, 2016

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Cool H2 Apartments in Athens

Frozen Designs :

Cool H2 Apartments in Athens – Cool H2 Apartments in Athens luxurious apartment that located beside yard golf in Glyfada, in side of Athens, Greece. Deliberately designed by Studio Architecture, apartments in has been divided into several parts with each size of 250m2. These rely more than impressive with Argosaronic Beautiful Sea.

There are a bright atrium which is equipped with various facilities such as super luxury with a pond full of green plants. It also provide natural light to the secondary areas of each dwelling, it also acting as a chimney to give exit to warm water in the hotter months of summer. The homes are based nearby a bioclimatic design, with the positioning under shade in the south, plus a building and a water connection to create a natural cooling system to save on energy consumption.

Beside of that, surroundings friendly technologies have been Implemented throughout, and all of the materials used in the construction process were carefully and conscientiously selected to maintain a low carbon footprint.

Materials used in the interior decor of the build are a group of naturally occurring stock instead of industrial components, and were chosen in colors That were deliberate to create a harmonic aura.

In additional, there is a swimming pool environments the construction also a small pond on the ground floor promotes tranquility and a feeling of cool calm.

The Art of Gianni Aspras Sculptures That decorate the walls of the living rooms add an abstract Quirk amongst the luxury and Modernity. This will further make “H2 Cool Apartments“  in Athens really feels “cool and fresh” to be comfort resident.

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