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June 27th, 2016

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Choosing a Black And White Interiors

Frozen Designs :

Choosing a Black And White Interiors – Choosing a Black and White Interiors is the right measure that can be done by wise step that can you do at your own house. Take this stylish dining area (above) for example. It holds a number of lessons in black and white. One is that this is a color combination that picks up impact along with scale. The oversized graphic pieces together authors’ names in a amazing and dramatic presence, while a black hanging lamp and chairs play attempt against the rustic gate leg table. The floor hasn’t been neglected, nevertheless this time it’s been given a coat of white that brightens the whole area.

We all have a propensity to think of black and white as just two stark colors, but both have a range of hues that invite experimentation and often produce surprisingly textured results. In this loft-like sleeping space, for example, the rough wash on the wall actually joined both our primary colors and yields an tempting restful resulin. A gray floor lamp and blue gray linens extra depth to the images, while the black modern side chair and delicately functional side tables give the entire thing just the right touch of punch. It’s all there to see in black and white.

A bedroom is one of the easiest – and least expensive – places to get the benefit of black and white. All that’s required are a contemporary bedside lamp and a couple of intonation pieces like the stool that also stands in for a nightstand. White linens are the dramatic and inviting counterpoint. A coverlet in a appreciative tone helps pull everything together.

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