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June 20th, 2016

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Brilliant Ideas From Pillow to Pool

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Brilliant Ideas From Pillow to Pool

Imagine!! If you are in the bedroom that the walls are made of glass and when you wake up you are faced with the beautiful feel  from the swimming pool with beautiful blue water. Have you ever dreamed to build a bed in the luxurious swimming pool. You do not need a long walk tired to take a swimming pool in your home. Only with your eyes open, your pool is already in sight.

Beside of that, you can also try the thrill bedroom close to infinity here pool.This infinity pool wraps around the dwelling, like an old-world castle Moat That protected from Intruders. The surround effect of the water Gives the building a floating effect, nearly as though the bedroom is walled plain aboard a raft, rocking on the waves. and every time you wake up from your bed will look at the pool with views of nature.

Or you want to try the open bedroom beside the pool, may be it’s cool sensation for you, This bedroom is less like a room with a pool, a more like a pool with a bed! This may be a novel idea, but maybe the echo of the hall like part and the strong smell of chlorine would wear thin pretty Quickly.

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