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April 16th, 2016

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Birthday Party Decoration Ideas

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Here are tips on how to prepare a budget birthday party. Whether it’s your own birthday, or maybe your child’s birthday party for little ones.

Step 1: “Determine who will be invited and how much”

The first thing you should do is to determine who will come to your birthday party. If a birthday that your child is 5 years old, maybe you will invite his school friends in kindergarten.

You probably will hold a child’s birthday party invitation is simple with about 10 people? Estimated number of these will determine the size of the rupiah should you spend later.

Step 2: “Decide where you will hold a child’s birthday party”

Once you know anyone who would you invite the birthday child and how the estimated amount, the second thing you should do is to determine where you are having a birthday party.

Speaking of places, one of which is at your favorite restaurant. But talking about the price, the cheapest place where you can choose is at your own home.

Having a birthday party at home, in addition to cheap, usually you can also arrange for more flexibility in the party became more lively. You live there anyway, so there are things that you feel is not right, you can get out of the room and immediately clean up such irregularities. But you must be prepared with all the hassles that may arise after the event. Like clean the house for example.

Step 3: “Determine what equipment you will use”

If the people you invite a lot, see if you also need additional seats? There are several places that rent chairs for special events or wedding anniversary. The amount you pay is usually adjusted by the number of seats you lease, where rent rates are usually calculated per seat. Party decorations should not neglect even though only a small child. Birthday decorations will make a distinct impression.

As an alternative, you can also use the chair, but enough to hold the carpet. Carpets are generally more relaxed pose. Your guests will be more relaxed. In addition, it is also cheaper than if you rent a chair. Serve a memorable birthday decorations. What is important, be sure to clean the dust on your carpet first before use. Do not let your guests later even sneezing because of intruding dust your carpet.

Step 4: “Choose foods that you will serve”

In the notice that the child’s birthday party for your guests – the presentation of many types of food usually will not be much different than if you are presenting, for example – three variations of food. And alternative food as much as 3 variations for most people is enough impression “many”. Do not need a varied diet to 7, 6 or even 5.

Step 5: “Choose small cakes and drinks will you serve”

Now, if the cookies, you serve in a number of so-so rather a lot in a child’s birthday party. This is because the cakes will generally continue to eat during the party, different foods may only be eaten within 20 minutes. Well, imagine if your party lasts 3 hours. Twenty minutes of which are filled with the meal, while the rest will be filled with cakes presented.

step 6: “use the services of Event Organizer (in this case kids birthday organizer) for a birthday party”

In this step you can choose the event organizer that is suitable for your birthday party, so that your birthday party will take place smoothly and lively and exciting services EO that you choose should match your budget and must be experienced.

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