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June 22nd, 2016

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Beautiful Bird Sculptures Made Out of Paper

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Beautiful Bird Sculptures Made Out of Paper – Sometimes we Assume That the paper trash is Something That is not useful or can even contaminate your beautiful home. Now, as the changing times, now, waste paper is not always harmful and always Considered dirty. WHO you are lovers of art especially the art of sculpture. Because you’ll feel lucky now present new ideas to cultivate the art of paper into an amazing and unique.

Each sheet of paper is valuable, so you should be Able to learn from experience how to exploit the paper into useful items Such as Make That Beautiful bird sculptures out of paper. Questions you Might ask how Could a waste paper can be an amazing work of art, the answer is They can. Everything can be started with the intention and Sincerity in the work. A Beautiful bird sculptures have the sales value and the high artistic value. The beauty of this work makes one wonder astonished even unpredictable. Design of the bird Itself has a unique and elegant impression.

Therefore, the expert maker deliberately making sculpture from paper base material in the form of birds. The maker regard that “bird” That animal is has an extraordinary artistic value, and this needs to be appreciated as high.

You can see the pictures, there are colorful bird specimens are not so much on the feathery side as They are papery, winged beauties Because these are intricate paper sculptures, painstakingly pieced together by talented artist and illustrator Diana Herrera Beltran, from Bogota, Columbia.
This unique art design by Diana Herrera Beltran was named the concept of ‘Mathematics For Reality’ wonderful collection of biodegradable, and has been created in extreme detail his favorite bird, and perfect.

Diana Herrera Beltran learn this concept from her experience: last week after working a bit with colibries, I started to look more around the world Trying to find specific characteristics in birds Certain That I found more relevant and that in a way CAME out of the prototype of some species , she writes, I will load information about variations I found that i find important.

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