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June 19th, 2016

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Amazing Interiors of Microsoft’s Building 4 in Redmond Campus

Frozen Designs :

Amazing Interiors of Microsoft’s Building 4 in Redmond Campus – Microsoft’s Redmond Campus Building 4 in the office of the grandest of all time and only one office that has abnormal facility. This office located in Raymond, Washington DC ,it also has an interior that can be said “amazing” .Why not? Microsoft’s Redmond Campus Building 4 is the place where the office of the company’s innovation team is challenged with the question of how the office will work and appear in 15 years. They are always innovating in terms of software, now is not impossible that the office also has an innovation in home-design, isn’t it??

Designed by Studio OA and Microsoft, to accommodate an entire working community of thinkers, doers, makers and innovators. We are very similar with ORA’s style having seen what They have done for Facebook, YAHOO, and Dreamhost.

Technological sophistication of these offices cannot be doubted. The company does not disappoint here either. In this office of the future all people would sit together to allow imagination to flow without obstruction, through when times of total focus are need, small focus pods are available.

Beside this, meeting rooms completed by an extra space to the open atmosphere of the studio collaboration areas, with options for both formal and informal appointments.

Actually this has been taken décor creativity from the wooded surroundings also Seattle’s grunge-era background of fashions, contain a plethora of blue denim as well as heavy Plaid.

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