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June 19th, 2016

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Amazing Industrial Loft for Modern Home Interior

Frozen Designs :

Amazing Industrial Loft – As the changing times, the loft is no longer a bad spaces, spooky and sultry. Now the attic can be made industrial loft for you. This is very useful for you to create an atmosphere of luxury and glamorous into the attic. Ando-Studio, were prompted with the decor for this nice industrial loft out of a desire to create an open and eclectic free space, with a lot of notice paid to detail. They seek to make an authentic loft with life, movement, and continuity.

Room were dressed with plenty of books, photos as well as art and They installed large windows, to allow sufficient of natural light inside. The materials most noticeable in the loft design are wood, silver metal, glass, and a lot of Leathers the which are used for the furnishings. Serious and muted colors were used, ranging from Tabs to dark navy blues. All of this joined, makes for an industrial, but stunning loft for the contemporary-day inspirational individual. And it certainly would be cool for your inspiration.

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