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April 13th, 2016

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30th Birthday Decoration Ideas

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30th Birthday Decorating Ideas is needed to celebrate for us, our parents or even our brother sisters. What makes a 30th birthday party different from any other milestone?  It is the 30th birthday decorating ideas that you use or make for the party you are hosting.   Here are some 30th birthday decorating ideas that will get the guests, as well as the guest-of-honor, in the mood for a party.  Transform an ordinary room into a bright, party room with just a few of these 30th birthday decorating ideas.

30th Birthday Decorating Ideas

Take old pictures of the guest-of-honor and blow them up.  Hang them all around the party area. Don’t worry about embarrassing the birthday person, as at this age people are usually past this stage. This is the time to bring out some of the fun pictures of his/her past, such as nude newborn pictures, goofy pictures, a missing tooth, prom pictures, etc.

Set out memorabilia of the guest-of-honor’s life.  Such items could be:  yearbooks, report cards, books, trophies, art, first hair cut clippings, baby teeth, ticket stubs to movies, etc.

Balloons are always a great decoration for any party.  Make bouquets of balloons and have a few that say, “Happy 30th Birthday.”

Make banners that have different messages on them pertaining to the age of 30.

Make a Memorabilia of Events.  Create a listing of world events that happened during the year he/she was born.  Be as creative as you want and frame it.  This can be used as part of a centerpiece.

Cover the entrance with a 30th birthday balloon arch.  This is simple to make on your own.  Simply buy a lot of balloons that have the number 30 on them.  Fill them up with helium.  To make the arch, use hooks and fishing line.

Make an arch with streamers and beads for the entrance way.  Use or make a wooden arch and put in front of the doorway and cover it with streamers.

Hang the number 30 from the ceiling.

Make other things to hang from the ceiling.  If the guest-of-honor has a favorite hobby, make things that pertain to that hobby and hang from the ceiling with fishing wire.  You could do general men and women themed items, such as fish, baseballs, high heel shoes, credit cards, etc.

Make or buy a piñata.  Even adults love piñatas.  You can use the piñata as a decoration and then as an activity later on.

These 30th birthday decorating ideas are sure to transform the party into a 30th birthday celebration that will set the party mood for everyone.

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